Valentine’s Day Gifts For Him.

So it is almost Valentine’s and once again you are in a fix to get that important guy in your life a gift. I understand that sometimes it gets a bit difficult to get a thoughtful and useful gift, this is why I have put together a list that could assist you in choosing the best or near-best gift.

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1. Personalized Gifts.

These are so cute and sweet, it adds a sense of thoughtfulness. I love this because it adds a touch of “you” to the gift, getting corny words engraved on a key ring or cup could bring feelings of closeness and cheesiness whenever your boyfriend sees it.

2. Sweater/Cardigan

Okay! I think it is time to pay back for all the hoodies and shirts you took in the past without returning them. Cardigans or Sweaters are a fashionable alternative, try neutral tones or if otherwise get one that matches your boyfriend’s sense of style. A brown wooly sweater or cardigan in a dark shade of red could never be wrong.

3. Shoes

Fashionable choices? Check. Kicks are a great way to show love this season: the perfect pair of black shoes, brown boots or sneakers could do no wrong. You could add spice to the boxing by inscribing some cheesy or touchy message inside it.

4. DIY’s

Might be a good time to settle down and bring out your crafty sides, I promise it doesn’t take too much trouble. You could get a pack of cardswith scribblings on why you love him on them or a box of whisky with a cheesy note in it. If you are good with specific arts, you could make him a portrait, muffler or a bag to carry to work(The thought is the most important thing)

5. Sensual Gifts

If you are the extra queen and you really love to go all the way or you feel so extra grateful for your lovely man’s existence, I think it’s time to seal five boxes. The idea behind this is to get gifts that appeal to the five senses namely See, touch, hear, smell and taste. To explain further, you could get a speaker to represent hear, cologne for smell, lingerie for see(double bonus,you and him *winks*), chocolate or a box of whisky for taste and maybe a cap for touch.

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