How to Style Black on Black Outfits for Fall 2020

Have you been scrolling through your feed on instagram lately? If you have and also happen to follow the cool kids; code name for influencers you would know that black is the in-thing now. And if you are not the Instagram-loving kind then I need to tell you that black is the in-thing for Fall/winter right now. Influencers have been styling coats, trousers and skirts that are all black while including trench coats and jackets to get protected from the cold.

Why should you consider All black outfits?

Foremost Black is great for every body type, not only is it flattering and adds a classic outlook it is also slimming and creates a put-together silhouette. If you have been wondering how you can dress for Fall or winter, here is how influencers have been rocking the All black Outfits for Fall

Black blouses on Black skirts


Black trousers with sweaters and tops

ClaraAlice OliviaClara
Sonia Bello

Jackets that are also black

Wunmi Bello

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