DIY/How to make a pearled belt buckle

Tweaking things to meet your personal taste is a beautiful part of fashion, To think about it, that is what we call style. To be able to do this with your hands also brings some kind of fulfilment.
In this post, I would show you how to add some flair to your belt the next time you wear it. All you need is

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*A belt with an exaggerated buckle

*Flatback pearls(I used white)

*Fabric Glue(I used E6000)

Let’s get to it
1.After assembling your materials,Pick a pearl,add some glue use liberally but with caution,you don’t want it splattering all over the buckle. Then glue it to the parts of the buckle.

2.Line the pearls up on the buckle to achieve a beautiful and unique finish.

3.Be sure to press on tightly and be cautious of the position of the pearls you wouldn’t like them slipping off.
Assemble in the pearls all through the buckle till you have something like this


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